07 July 2006

TN: Bucci ball

[Pongelli]Bucci “Pongelli” 2002 Rosso Piceno (Marches) – Rough strawberry and porcini notes with a dusting of grey earth and little flecks of rosemary hanging about. The fruit seems to be approaching maturity, though the structure is still quite firm, and its possible that a few more years will resolve this…or possibly the fruit will dry out before that happens. In either case, this is a nice, traditionally-styled Italian wine for those who are seeking such things. (7/06)

50% sangiovese, 50% montepulciano. This label de-emphasizes the appellation so much that I wonder about the reason. In any case, nothing else about it is out of the ordinary, and while it might not have the quasi-exotic force of some Rosso Piceno, it has plenty to offer both with and without food. Alcohol: 13%. Closure: cork. Importer: Empson. Web: http://www.villabucci.com/.


Craig Camp said...

Frankly, I love this wine and all the wines from Bucci. They are natural, individualistic wines that I find extremely enjoyable. However, while his reds are very, very good, it is the whites of Bucci that really shine, sometimes challenging as Italy's best white of the vintage.

By the way this blend is hardly atypical for Rosso Piceno as you will find it in most of the wines, although the best usually have much more Montepulciano than Sangiovese.

Thor Iverson said...

Thanks for the clarification, Craig. I, too, adore the Bucci whites.

I guess I haven't kept up with my Rosso Piceno, if this is currently typical. I remember it being a little different. More on-site research is obviously required.