02 December 2009

The hiatus ate us

OK, so...I'm back.

Apologies for the long hiatus. Batteries needed to be recharged. Energies redirected. And also, the oenoLogician needed a haircut. (Still does, actually. No one trusts a wine writer with a double mullet.) But the hiatus is over, and the controversy and carnage friendly debate will soon resume anew.


Thad W. said...

Thank goodness for your return, Thor. The wine scene has suffered from a lack of substantiveness of late, as I have grown tired of the plethora of expected holiday wine recommendations, PR pieces, and other fluff that has clouded the atmosphere these last few months. Look forward to following your posts in the weeks ahead.

thor iverson said...

Aw, Thad, I was just going to post my Thanksgiving recommendations! ;-)