05 December 2011

And all is silent?

No. Oh, no, no, no.

I'm a little bit on fire with some things that need to be said. Not the least of which is a full recounting of the worst wine service in the universe, received just two weeks ago in San Francisco at a restaurant that apparently has aspirations towards Michelin stars in triplicate. But there's so much else, too.

The fact is, though, that the three site format isn't working. The blogs and sites need to be offshored downsized rightsized. And they need to move, now that Google has helpfully announced that they're asserting their branding rights. In any case, Blogger never achieved its potential.

So, since everyone's addresses are changing, why not move to a better neighborhood? Things will be happening, at the most obvious location imaginable. Soon. Very, very soon. Stay riveted. Well, tuned. Check in occasionally. Oh, hell...I'll let you know.

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