23 January 2006

Additions to the mother site

Not only does all the material on this blog appear over on the non-blog version of oenoLogic, but a few barrels full of stuff that probably won't ever make this blog take up permanent residence over there.

Like what, you're moved to ask (amidst the stifling of yawns)?

Well, restaurant reviews, for one thing. The current dish may indeed appear here from time to time, but as various travelogues and narratives from the past appear at oenoLogic, reviews of restaurants and food purveyors appear right along with them. The dining section's where you'll want to look if you're having hunger pangs.

On the other hand, if endless lists of tasting notes subdivided by country are your thing (and really, who wouldn't be excited by that?), you'll want the regional archives in the tasting notes section. This will grow as the months pass and more and more of my old notes, scattered around various databases and fora on and off the 'net, are properly repackaged and repurposed in scintillating red and white burgundy. (See, it's the color scheme...oh, never mind.)

Finally -- and this material has appeared here on the bloggy and vertical-minded version of oenoLogic -- a lot of semi-well-thought-out and highly-debatable verbiage on the meta-issues of wine writing and wine criticism can be found in the mis-named faq (mis-named because the author asked the questions, and then answered them; this doesn't count as schizophrenia, does it?). Read, sleep, repeat.

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