25 January 2006

Blasts from the California past

Over on the non-blog, two California travelogues rescued from archival hell. The first is charmingly-entitled Sex and the single oyster, inspired in title only by an otherwise-uninteresting 2004 encounter with actress Cynthia Nixon at a San Francisco eatery. It covers a whirlwind trip through Sonoma -- with visits to Nalle, Ridge, Preston of Dry Creek, Porter Creek, Limerick Lane, Everett Ridge, and Swan -- and a few days of engorgement in the foodie mecca that is San Francisco.

The second is Hot times by the Bay, and it's a SF-based quickie...though it does include encounters with winemakers Mike Dashe and Steve Edmunds, plus a rather painstaking few hours with the portfolio of CA distributor West Coast Wines, in which I manage to make a few new enemies across the length and breadth of California.

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