30 May 2006

TN: One more night in Vermont

Trimbach 2003 Pinot Blanc (Alsace) – Simple light apricot and sweet lemon flavors. Dry. Heavier and more difficult than usual, which could be an artifact of the vintage. (5/06)

Weinbach 1999 Riesling "Cuvée Théo" (Alsace) – Pure essence of iron with a bright sheen of Granny Smith apple. It builds and expands with air, and may be about as good as it's going to get. (5/06)

Porter Creek 2004 Carignane Angeli "Old Vine" (Alexander Valley) – Big, fruity and relatively acidic, with a lot of adorable doofus qualities. In other words, not particularly sophisticated…but then, one doesn’t look to carignane for sophistication. (5/06)

Tablas Creek 2001 Côtes de Tablas Red (Paso Robles) – Full-bodied roasted berries and dark, sun-drenched soil with an undertone of leathery tannin and squeezed meat textural discontinuities. Very interesting, with a long future still ahead of it. (5/06)

Umathum/Peck “Zantho” 2001 Zweigelt (Burgenland) – Dusty and dry, with elegant pencil shavings and a high-toned blackberry juice character. It’s fairly restrained, and can be easily overwhelmed by aggressive food. (5/06)


Brewnoser said...

The 1999 Cuvée Theo, being "about as good as it is going to get" (sic); what would I best be doing with my lonely bottle of the 2000?

Thor Iverson said...

Hold it for another...oh, say five years. Then start thinking about drinking it, but no hurry at that point. A much better vintage. Definitely sweeter, but also with tons more extract.