05 July 2007

TN: Breaux bummer

[bottle]Breaux 2005 Viognier (Virginia) – Somewhat confused, with faint suggestions of flowers hollowed out by a corrugated metal tube, leaving the center void and the edges uncertain. It’s not overworked, which is a blessing, but it doesn’t have much of what one drinks viognier for either. (6/07)


obxsick said...

Seems that you purchased an old bottle from somewhere or maybe you held it too long before drinking. Breaux has a dynamite Viognier - you just need to drink it in relative youth - don't hold it for years!jolieblonde

thor iverson said...

Well, I drank it within a year of release, which even ultra-delicate moscato d'Asti survives without decline, so I sincerely doubt age was the issue. This particular taste came from a by-the-glass pour at a restaurant in DC, back in (early) June of 2007, as the note indicates..