16 July 2007

TN: Burr & Bill

[bottle]Hamilton Russell 2005 Chardonnay (Walker Bay) – Confident, pristine and one of the most Burgundian chardonnays I’ve ever tasted from the New(ish) World. Icy stone fruit, fine acidity and a light brush-sweep of balanced wood complete an intense, but not overbearing, wine with a strongly glacial undercurrent. Really, really impressive. (7/07)


Brewnoser said...

Agree. Have you tried some of the serious Niagara (ON) chards with some time on them?

Ken Sternberg said...

Really, Thor? One I tasted a couple of years ago was so overoaked I was spitting splinters. Maybe they're inconsistent. I've liked the Pinot Noir from this producer.

Anonymous said...

A fellow oak-hater responds. Sometimes H.R. Chard can be thoroughly enjoyable - and the '05 vintate was one such time. I do agree that it can be too oaky at times.