05 October 2011


The sleeping verbosity awakens. Let's start with a drink, shall we?


The Wine Mule said...

Back in action. Good! Descriptor of the day: "Swaggering."

thor iverson said...

More typically applied to wine fora.

Thomas said...

Did someone send a message???

Welcome home oh silent one.

P.S. one or two titles left a lot to be desired, but because of the good punning overall, we forgive.

Christian Miller said...

Ahh, there you are. Looking forward to some insights into snacking and sipping in the city of brotherly love.

thor iverson said...

I'm already cutting a fair swath. The postprandial walks are saving me from more corpulence than a Central Coast pinot noir.

Thomas said...

Last week I got a copy of my medical records. In it, one doctor gave me a scorecard that included these frightening words: "distended stomach."

He went onto say that it wasn't distended enough for concern--yet.

Have since cut my wine quantity in half...almost.