31 October 2011

Slowly awakening

Why the continued barrage of notes (far from finished) over on the other blog, and nothing here? Because writers' block is an ugly, ugly thing?

No, really just because 34 pages of wine notes can, it turns out, "break" a popular word-processing program. Who knew?

On the way: why the AOC is worth preserving, and how the recent wrongs perpetrated by and in its name are actually one of the strongest arguments in its favor. And also, yet another finger-wagging rant about false claims to objectivity. What, you thought this blog could emerge from quietude and not return to that subject when the opportunity arose?


The Wine Mule said...

The essay on Theise is still a great read. The comment about the folks at Constellation still cracks me up. Let us know if you actually do come up with a philosophy we can drink.

thor iverson said...

I still owe Terry his rebuttal (we had a conversation, I recorded it). Grossly overdue at this point, for which I can only apologize.

If we're going to drink a philosophy, I at least hope it's German.

Meg/Paris by Mouth said...

Glad to see you're back!

thor iverson said...

Glad to be back.

jake said...

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