06 February 2007

TN: Flower pétalos

Palacios 2005 “Pétalos” Bierzo (Northwest Spain) – Big-shouldered and dark, with a flatscreen impenetrability; a two-dimensional wine of great breadth but little depth. Black, almost charred fruit and the blackest dirt vie with asphalt-like texture (there is acidity, but it brings little to the mix) for supremacy, and the texture wins. There’s nothing wrong with this wine, but it’s not much fun to drink…unless one finds being struck repeatedly by a hammer “fun.” (2/07)


Brian Monks said...

Hey Thor, just browsing when I saw your TN on Petalos. I see your point about the hammer, but I like it's brash personality. I LOVE the iron aspects of it too (the hammer?) One of my fav's these days and I have a good supplier near me in Belgium. For me it takes the place of the overbearing CA reds, and outshines them with its acidity and grit. You can see my blog to read more about my thoughts on this wine and others.



thor iverson said...

Hey Brian, long time no chat.

You're not the only one to suggest that I missed the call on this wine. I'll try it again in a different context; it was served with a lot of lighter, more elegant wines. I'm a big fan of Bierzo in general, and while I generally find the rest of the Palacios line too much, I had hopes for this bottle.

Nice blog. Hope you're enjoying Belgium.

Grapejuices said...

I also belong to line of people, who finds this wine interesting. I tasted it blind, liked its personality rustiqueness and character. Here are my notes


cheers, Anders

thor iverson said...

Here's an example of me liking the subsequent vintage, so maybe it was just the 2005 that I didn't care for.