19 February 2007

TN: Incoming!

Avondale 2006 “Jonty S Ducks” (South Africa) – If it’s supposed to be “Jonty’s Ducks,” the apostrophe is MIA and the “S” is capitalized. Anyway, this is a not-yet-released super-secret bottling, sort of, unless I heard the story wrong (which is possible). It’s big and woody, with broad-shouldered fruit in the dark berry realm, a leathery tannin texture, and fair balance all around. With enough air, the wood recedes a bit, and I expect both extended aeration and aging will help this wine. For those who love the New World style, all the elements are in place. (2/07)


Jake Parrott said...

Yeah, it's supposed to be Jonty's Ducks. Efforting. The wine is Syrah and a little Cabernet.

thor iverson said...

Thanks. "Efforting?" Anyway, I remember you saying that, but I had to go with what was on the label, see... ;-)