08 December 2009

Eric + Eric

Two great things today, elsewhere...one accessible, the other high-concept wine geekery:

Eric Asimov on what wine writers should leave unsaid.

Eric Texier on the theories of Jules Chauvet, hero of the no-sulfur movement. Which it turns out he maybe shouldn't be.


Anonymous said...

Most entertaining that I read the first response to the NYT blog and thought "that sounds just like a list Thor would do". And then, it turned out to be!

Jo Diaz said...

So, it looks like I finally got my point across to you, so that you're sick to death of it. ;^)

Sadly, I still see many new writers falling all over themselves not know about PS, and making all the mistakes you've mentioned in Eric's column.

What's an advocacy director to do, Thor... I can't completely follow you to the end of the earth with this one, but just won't put you into any communications that mention:
"7) It’s just petite sirah. It’s not a history of the differences between durif, peloursin, and syrah, and anyone who actually cares about the latter can go look at Sean Thackrey’s site for themselves."

I'm about to go visit Sean, so I know you know who's the bomb... That's awesome.

Want to go to Dark & Delicious on me... pair of tickets? FEb. 19, 2010, at Rock Wall Wine Cellars... It will just be PS and great food. No history, hype, or Syrah.

thor iverson said...

Graeme, good to know I have a signature. Was it the semicolons?

Jo, bless you and so good to hear from you, but I can't understand a word you're saying. ;-)

Actually, it was more an exercise in exorcism...getting frustrations out...than it was actual advice. I know that wine writing will never be clear of those and many other clichés.

There's more, but I'd rather just write my own blog post about it. More anon.

(As for Rock Wall...a little far from Boston for nothing other than durif. ;-) But thanks.)